Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Welcome to our FAQ page. Here you will find common questions about our products and information.

Can you make mesh size for ____? Can you change a texture/tweak a current design?

We can only make so many sizes. Most popular bodies include Belleza Freya & Isis, Maitreya Lara & Slink Physique Original.

Belleza Venus is being added as of August 2016.
If any Slink Hourglass size included, it’s very experimental, this size won’t be included in our range for a while. Our Slink Hourglass Mesher Kit is incompatible with our version of 3D program. Slink Physique Original will be included as always. We encourage you to try demo as always!

Second Life is moving towards mesh bodies and I think it’s wonderful that we can have so much improvement from the default linden avatar. It’s near impossible to make sheer lingerie in a fitmesh size for the linden body, as sliders will not correspond perfectly with all shapes.
Our latest items were designed to suit detailed mesh bodies, therefore no standard sizes may be included. Please always read included information and compability. If in doubt, contact us or try a free demo.

No custom work – I’m sorry – the time does not allow me to make custom adjustments to current designs.

I didn’t get my items / Where is my updated item?

You can get a redelivery at the Mainstore – even if your purchase was made via Marketplace. If you are trying to update older items and you do not see them on the list, please contact Freya Olivieri.

Why was I banned?

Please see the last section of our Store Policy

Mesh doesn’t fit my body

If you purchased item that contains your body size, the solution is probably simple. We test all sizes prior to release, and any bugs are worked out early on.

Belleza body: Please make sure that you change cleavage type to perky/correct one. Our sizes state which cleavage you should enable and if not, this information is included in the fitting notecard.
Belleza HUD supports 3 cleavage types:

  • Natural (exactly as name suggest, natural cleavage without any garment support)
  • Perky (we usually use this one for bras, tops, clothing in general as well as bikinis to give a more natural looking “support” in the the chest area)
  • Pushup (perfect for pushup bras, tops, corsets and dresses that require pushup effect)

You can change these settings via Belleza HUD, under “Shape” tab. Once you open it, the breast options will pop up. Click on “Perky”. This is my favorite cleavage to work with when it comes to clothing 🙂

Maitreya body: No known issues. Sometimes customers accidentally wear another size – please check to make sure you have the correct size and that your body is up to date.
Slink Physique Original body: Same as above. Please know that sizes named Slink Physique do not mean Slink Physique Hourglass which was released at a later date.
Slink Hourglass: Please note that this body size is the most experimental right due to incompatible mesher kit. I try including it when I can due to popularity but the fit should be demoed prior to purchase. In fact you should always try demo no matter what a creator states or ad says.
Other issues: Sheer mesh lingerie which shows skin will clip with other sheer textures, such as tattoos or hair, giving it the appearance of broken/chopped up/disappearing in a portion of the body. That is the nature of Second Life and it’s a known thing. We recommend wearing hair that doesn’t fall directly over the sheer fabric (pulled back, falling to the sides rather directly on chest, updos etc..) If you are wearing tattoo in the same area as fabric, it’s best that you turn it off to prevent clipping and holes. Belleza nipples also contain transparent textures, you may want to turn them off.


We are not interested in rentals at the moment. Thank you for your interest!


We do not offer reseller packages and we never will. We want to keep our customers happy and provide them with quality customer support as well as keeping our products under one roof.