About me

Hi, my name is Freya Olivieri.


A little about me…

A bohemian spirit by nature, I have always loved drawing and painting. I taught myself Photoshop early on and invested in a Wacom tablet and started creating fashions in the virtual world and ultimately Second Life in 2009.

Always having found the cookie cutter mass production photo-based style of creating unappealing, I have used my own hand-painted designs in my creations since the early beginning. Like most creators in Second Life, my creations have evolved. While my workflow takes longer time, especially being the only person on staff, I feel its the only way to be authentic and original, giving the customer their money’s worth.

In 2011, my original store “TGIS” was revamped and renamed to Mon Chéri.
Soon after, I broke into mesh, teaching myself 3D modeling, which has opened up a new world where the sky is the limit in terms of what one can create.
I intend to continue to perfect my skills into the future and somehow try to contribute to the enhancement of people’s Second Life.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you enjoy my creations!


xox Freya