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A little about Us


Freya Olivieri

Designer & Founder

Hi! I'm Freya, I'm Mon Cheri owner & Designer. All fashion is created by me. I've created for Second Life since 2009, it's been both an adventure and a long learning process. I'm always inspired by the things that I see, and enjoy adding my own flair to it. You can find my work both on SL marketplace and at the Mon Cheri mainstore inworld. Besides my mainstore, I do a little designing for Mon Chéri sister-store, Mon Chéri Home & Decor, together with West. 

West Twine

Designer & Mon Chéri HD co-owner

Hi I am West and I have been an SL enthusiast for a long time.  I started creating early on and really enjoy making something from nothing.  I pay attention to the way things are made and function in real life and try to build that realism into SL creations.  After years I became a bit discourage about building because I did not have the skills to do the really good meshing and I so admired those who could.  Freya has changed that for me... she has been the catalyst to get me into meshing in a big way and I am where I am excited about creating in second life again... As she and I collaborate into the future I hope my skills and creativity continue to build and we can create beautiful things that I hope others can enjoy as well.
Watch for my creations in Mon Cheri Home & Decor as well as accessories and remember one of my favorite quotes:
"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't.... you're right..." --Henry Ford--

Flor Held

Blogger Manager

Hello, I'm Flor! It's a pleasure to work with such a special friend who has a beautiful soul. Freya and I met when she had just started the Mon Chéri store. Since then, I started blogging for her several years. And now, I'm happy to be part of her team, managing our super-star bloggers.

I own FLORES Body & Soul store. My passion is making art & photography. I also make artistic, expressive, and natural poses. As a very curious person, I'm still not satisfied. So, I'm working on some new ideas, and learning 3D to bring more realism to my arts. You can check out my work at my mainstore located in the Mon Chéri Sim.

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