Rental Information

Charming and warm beach community with a variety of rental homes for both starters and those with a larger taste for land impact.  Fun and cozy common areas where you can party with your friends or have a little romance.

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For help and information please contact West Twine.

FAQ for tenants

Radios & Security Orbs

Radios are present on your parcel with a large variety of music. If you'd like a custom radio station to be added, please contact West for assistance.

Security orbs are available upon request to restrict access to your parcel.

If you'd like to add your partner to the group simply add them as co-tenant to the tier box and an automatic group invite will be issued.

Sometimes due to SL issues an invite may not arrive. Please let us know and we will issue one manually.

Decorating Your Parcel

We encourage you to decorate with your own style and flair, keeping in mind the theme of the sim. Please refrain from rezzing objects outside your parcel with the exception of temporary items, such as beach towels/toys in the common area. We want you to feel at home and enjoy common space as much as your home.

Please do not rez offensive items that diminish the integrity of Mon Chéri. Be mindful of your neighbors.


We encourage you to freely utilize and enjoy the common areas which include:

- beach bar East

- Motel Beach Bar & Pool

- various beach toys, towels and other hangout spots.

Please be respectful of your neighbors privacy. Do not wander onto private parcels where other tenants live. 

Harassment of any of our tenants will not be tolerated. Please report any incidents to West and file abuse report to LL if necessary.

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be issued for pre-paid rent unless parting is at the discretion of management.

Harassment of tenants will result in ejection without refund.

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