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New Mainstore!

It finally happened! Much awaited new Mainstore is up and running! Same location, no changes there.

The spring cleaning fairy came and went, leaving the new store in pristine condition :)

For quite a while, West and I have been working on building a good, well-functioning structure that would allow expansion of the store without having to spend a lot of time making new room for new items.

An additional goal for the new design was to create a clean space, easy to navigate and browse by customers.

The store has gone through a lot of clean-up vendor-wise. Some of the very oldest items have been retired forever, and older but still popular items, have been moved to our new sky-outlet before the final departure to prim heaven - this is where older items will be moved in the future.

Teleporter for the outlet can be found at the main entrance on both sides. The teleporter uses experiences to swiftly move you to the outlet, so please be sure to allow experience when you click on the sign (it only has to be done once).

Another little change to the store is vendor information. Because various vendors may contain various sizes depending on when they were made, you can find little heart symbols for quick browsing. The color codes can be found above the entries to the main section of the store.

Creations from Dec and forth will include: Belleza Isis & Freya, Maitreya Lara & Petite, Legacy & Perky

All items include Belleza Freya, Isis & Maitreya Lara

The final changes made, were adjustments to fatpack prices. The majority of fatpacks are now priced under $L2000, with only a few larger ones being slightly above that price range. If you spot anything out of ordinary please do contact me and I will reset any vendor that may have not caught up.

Marketplace prices have been adjusted to the outlet sale as well as any additional price changes.the

Aside from the Mon Cheri Mainstore, we added a Home & Decor section to fit all the items West and I made together last year (as well as some older items I made in the past). These items never really had a proper home.

This section of the store will remain under West's control as I don't have much time for anything other than fashion nowadays. The majority of the meshes in the Home & Decor section were made by him with me only doing the textures so I am passing the torch to him.

The shopkeeper for Home&Decor is MonCheriHome Resident, so if you need help with anything, you can contact them or West himself. Any future blogging for Home & Decor section will be done by West.

I want to take a moment to thank my partner in crime West for this beautiful structure he created for me! Working on this project together was a lot of fun and I cannot imagine a better outcome, thank you for giving the store a much-needed redesign and a fresh new look! 💖




Mon Chéri - Freya Olivieri

Mon Chéri HD - West Twine or MonCheriHome Resident

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