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Risa Bikini, Sandals & Accessories

Bikini season arrives early!

This new set is available at Anthem all May!

Available for Belleza Freya + Isis, Maitreya Lara + Petite, Legacy + Perky

With each bikini set, a belly chain is included! Single colors don't change color, but you can turn on/off materials, use the mini HUD to hide the ties individually (if wearing something over the bikini, for example a shirt or a sweater). 36 colors, from vibrant to pastels to choose from! Or a fatpack :)

The belly chain is a bonus item, it comes with a full HUD in each package.

Sandals are available in 42 colors: 36 matching to bikini + 6 additional metallic ones. Single colors allow for texture change of soles, gems & metals.

Additionally, we have an item out in the big pile of gifts, priced at $L50. This set includes various earrings, some metallic and some with pearls. Matching colors to bikini pearls as well!

If you'd like a chance to win all of the goodies above, or perhaps just even a single color of your choice, check out our Flickr page for a flash giveaway! HURRY, winners will be announced on Wednesday!

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