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V is for Valentina!

Just in time for Valentines, we have a new collection out @ Fetish Fair!

Valentina comes with two products sold separately, a set of robes with a pair of matching thongs & pasties, as well as a set of body jewelry. You can also get is as megapack, then everything is included!

Single colors include printed and plain color of robe and panties, as well as pasties.

Body jewelry includes 3 shades of metal and 8 gems, it's available in 5 packs (gold, silver, rose, pastel and darks) or a fatpack that includes all 15 metals and 29 colors of gems!

Each chain set can be worn as one piece, or harness alone, as well as belt alone. Additionally, robes include a more loosened up version that can tuck the body jewelry underneath and be layered together!

As always, we have a flickr giveaway, be sure to enter for a chance to win a megapack! Details HERE

Happy Valentines day, whether you are celebrating with a significant other, or by yourself, it's always a good excuse to spoil yourself by treating yourself to something special! Because you are💖



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