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Welcome to our Store Policy page! Here you can find all information about products, refunds and general information about our store.

We offer free demos for all mesh items. Please ensure you try items on before purchasing them. All information and sizes are always listed. We understand that sometimes customers make purchases in heat of the moment, however we encourage always trying demo.
Double purchases are always refunded, please contact us inworld via NC, include only the name of the purchaser. You will be issued a refund within 48 hours, unless something comes up - such as real life, then your refund may be delayed.

Redelivery & Information We Collect
When you make a purchase from us, via Marketplace or inworld, your Second Life username is registered on our server. This is purely so you can come by the store and redeliver your items at your convenience. To have your item or a gift redelivered, simply teleport to Mon Cheri and at the entry to the store, you will find "REDELIVERY" sign. Click it and allow it to open a web tab to view your purchases. You can have them re-sent to you by clicking on the items in the list. This way you never have to worry about losing your items and receive free updates.
If your item was purchased by another avatar or a friend, they will have the ability to redeliver your item. If you cannot have them redeliver it, please contact Freya Olivieri for redelivery request, and be sure to include the name of the purchaser.

We will never bother our customers with offers, newsletters, asking them to rate on marketplace for a gift or prize or refund, nor send out group invitations unless you choose to join our subscribe-o-matic or second life group. You are free to join/leave or subscribe/unsubscribe as you wish.

Our Staff
Freya Olivieri - Mon Cheri Designer & Customer Support
MonCheriHome Resident - Mon Cheri Home & Décor Shopkeeper & Customer Support
Flor Held - Blogger Manager
West Twine - Home Rentals Manager and Mon Chéri Home & Décor Co-owner

Apart from these 4 avatars, we do not have any other accounts associated with Mon Cheri Brand. Any messages from individuals claiming they are from our staff should be reported and muted.

Demo Demo Demo Demo
Please try demo. Pretty please. It's free. We don't want you to be unhappy with a purchase. Second Life is filled with lots of wonderful creators who all have their own style. There is something for everyone. Focusing on negativity will leave us all unhappy.

You can always contact us with any concerns or issues, we will gladly help in the event of something needing a fix.

We reserve the right to mute/refuse customer support to individuals harassing/verbally abusing our staff. We understand that sometimes when something isn't working the way you want it to can be frustrating, but it's very important that our staff is treated with respect they deserve, just like our customers.

Sim/Store Ban
If you have found yourself banned from Mon Cheri sim, please contact us. In a few rare cases, avatars have been banned by Azure Estates, where our sim is located. The estate manager may then proceed to ban said avatar from all of Azure Estates, which includes our sim. If you found yourself banned  please contact Freya Olivieri to have it lifted from our sim.
If you have been banned by us you are welcome to contact us if you wish to dispute it.

Nudity is allowed inside the store as we understand customers are trying on demos and outfits. After all uncensored pixels shouldn't offend all that much.
Nudity is not allowed outside of the store however - please be respectful of other visitors, customers and residents living on the sim. Our sim is not adult-rated. We may ask you politely to cover privates prior to ejecting you home so you can get dressed.
This is an exception for our tenants and the privacy of their own homes.

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